Forest School

Good Day, Everyone!

I would like to share with you an article that features a very cool program we have here in Pinawa, which is our Junior Kindergarten Forest School. This program was spearheaded by Mrs. Michelle Long, who is an amazing educator in our community. My daughter, Emma, was in Forest School last year at F.W. Gilbert and she had a great experience. What an amazing introduction into school! This year there are 19 kids enrolled!!

CBC Gem produced a documentary on Forest Schools in Manitoba and features Pinawa and F.W. Gilbert School (Pinawa comes in around the 17:00 mark). This type of programming is very attractive to many young families. It demonstrates how Education as one of our economic development pillars, and recognizing the Environment as the foundation, provides a unique opportunity for our community; One that we should continue to promote as a society, and as individuals. Pinawa is lucky to have many people, like Michelle, who contribute to making this community such a special place! You are awesome!

Speaking of Education and Environment, don’t forget that Carbon Lock is having an open house today from 15:00 to 16:30 at the LGD Maintenance Yard where you can learn about their new technology! Hope to see some of you there today!

All the best,

Michael King

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