“Start by doing what is necessary, then do what is possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible.”

Françis of Assisi

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Thank you to all the people who went to the polls yesterday. Huge thanks to my friends and family for supporting me on this journey, you are the best! Thanks to all the other candidates for putting their names forward. Your community thanks you for your contribution. It is an honour to be elected andContinue reading “Re-elected!”

Voting Day

My name is Michael King and I want to be your representative on Council. On October 26th, re-elect Michael King Your New Voice for Pinawa

All Candidates Forum

What a great night at the All Candidates Forum! It was very exciting to see so many people in attendance. Big thanks to the Chamber of Commerce for putting the event on, and thank you to all of the people for the thoughtful questions.

My Job on the Train

Some people have been asking questions about my profession and how it impacts my life as being a councillor. I’d like to share with you about my excellent career and how working for Via Rail Canada makes me an even better member of council.

Circular Economy

I believe that as a society we should not squander resources and trash the environment for future people. We must strive to live in a way that allows future generations to live sustainable, prospersous, and healthy lives.

Better Living

Regular exercise is a key part of maintaining physical, mental, and emotional health. A society that is physically active will be healthier. I believe that being an active is a critical public goal and is crucial for a healthy, happy, and prosperous community.

Speaking Tonight at Pinawa Community Development Corporation AGM

Hi Friends, Tonight is the Pinawa CDC AGM! 18:30 (6:30pm) at the W.B. Lewis Business Centre, 24 Aberdeen. I will be speaking about Tourism, and the preliminary findings of our UofM researchers. Renew your CDC membership ($10) and you will be able to vote nominees to the Board of Directors! See you soon, Michael PinawaContinue reading “Speaking Tonight at Pinawa Community Development Corporation AGM”

Proud to be a Lion

For over 100 years, Lions have been changing lives and making the world a better place for all. Local communities depend on their clubs because we are trusted friends and neighbors who have a history of putting others first, and the Lions International name and legacy inspires trust.


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