Dog Park

Dear Dog Citizens,

Over the past few months I have had the chance to speak with and pet many of you. Dogs fulfill a special role in our community. They say that a dog is a man’s best friend, and I know that to be true, because I was lucky enough to have an amazing dog named Cookie in my life growing up. No matter how bad my day at school was, and there were some bad days, Cookie was always there to greet me when I got off the bus, wagging her tail, and happy to see me. She always would try to cheer me up. I’m certain that’s what you do for your humans. That’s just what dogs do.


Like all towns, Pinawa has a animal control by-law that requires dogs to be on a leash when outside of their home or a fenced property. This is for the protection of both you and the humans. We don’t want you to get hit by a car, scare a little kid, provoke a wild animal, or get in an altercation with another dog. You might think that this will never happen to you, because you’re a good dog. But these things can, and do happen, even here in Pinawa. These incidents are serious, and that’s why your humans leash you while on walks, because they care about your safety and others.

I know that most of you are friendly, law-abiding dogs, and while going for walks in the park is great, sometimes you just want to have a place of your own where you can go for a run and fetch a ball or stick. Unfortunately, the humans dropped the ball. We started a Facebook Group back in the Spring promising a Dog Park and have yet to deliver meaningful action. Not a single post or comment since then. I’ll admit it, that’s not good enough. The Dogs of Pinawa deserve better! It’s up to us, the humans, to make this happen.

I don’t want you to have to be on a leash all of the time. I’m willing to step up to the plate to help make a safe place for you to run ad fetch, but I can’t do it alone. So I ask of you, my Canine Friends, when you see your human next, and you go for a pet or to give them a kiss, let them know that you would like a dog park. Tell them to go to the Pinawa Dog Park Facebook Group and comment they are willing to help with fundraising, organizing, or contributing in any way that your human is good at.

Let’s make a special place for dogs in town, as dogs occupy a special place in our hearts.


Michael King

Published by Michael G. King

A lifelong learner with a passion for the Earth, Michael loves finding elegant ways to blend science, art, and nature.

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