Election 2022: Setting Sail

“To reach a port we must set sail –
Sail, not tie at anchor
Sail, not drift.” 

― Franklin D. Roosevelt

Hello Friends!

Last May you elected me in the by-election to join the Council, and I am grateful for the opportunity. The past year and a half serving the people has been both challenging and rewarding. I am proud to announce my intention to stand for Councillor of the Local Government District of Pinawa once again in 2022.

This campaign is about moving forward. This campaign is about energy. This campaign is about a New Voice for Pinawa.

“As a community leader, I feel a responsibility to foster a healthy environment for children to grow and thrive in today, and also to take steps to address the challenges that the next generations will face in the future.”

Michael King is positive ambassador for the community.

Michael King is always learning and upgrading his skills.

“I am a proud supporter of the Labour Movement, and desire for the LGD of Pinawa to be a champion of safety, sustainability, and worker engagement.”

Michael King enjoys life.

Michael King knows how to work together.

“I believe that nature is part of our town’s identity and that we must ensure its protection and conservation.”

Join with me, and let’s set sail for an exciting future for Pinawa.

Yours Truly,

Michael G. King

Thank you for being here. This is a people powered campaign so make sure to subscribe to my blog, and please like and share this message with your friends and on social media. I appreciate all of your support.

Talk to you soon.


Published by Michael G. King

A passionate lifelong learner, Michael loves finding elegant ways to blend science, art, and nature.

11 thoughts on “Election 2022: Setting Sail

  1. Hi Michael,

    Is there a way you could separate the text from all the darker pictures? It’s very hard to read there. Otherwise, great!


    Sent from my iPad mini 5



    1. Hey Rich, thanks for reading and for the comment! I’ve been having trouble with wordpress formatting those recently when it comes to the email version. I thought I had it resolved, but I’ll have to try again. If you visit the site on your web browser it should display correctly.


  2. Michael, you really have been such a beneficial member of council. Providing a positive voice that I believe really represents a bright future for Pinawa and standing for what we value as a community. We are very fortunate to have you on board in the coming election.


  3. Hello. I am a fairly new resident to Pinawa (moved here in August of 21) and I am unfamiliar with most of the candidates. The biggest issue for me always is the need to get rid of as many conservative voices as possible and restore the strength of progressives that has been dismantled over the past 40 years since Reaganism/Thatcherism/Mulroneyism completely dismantled the thriving welfare state we had established since WWII and left us with this poorly educated, conspiracy theory loving, neo-.fascist nightmare that just seems to keep growing. I am not sure how the election works and whether only certain neighbourhoods can vote for certain candidates but if I am able to vote for you I will do so. Also, can you help identify other progressives – in particular what mayoral candidates are progressives? Many thanks for fighting the good fight.


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