Speaking Tonight at Pinawa Community Development Corporation AGM

Hi Friends,

Tonight is the Pinawa CDC AGM! 18:30 (6:30pm) at the W.B. Lewis Business Centre, 24 Aberdeen.

I will be speaking about Tourism, and the preliminary findings of our UofM researchers.

Renew your CDC membership ($10) and you will be able to vote nominees to the Board of Directors!

See you soon,


Pinawa CDC is a non-profit corporation  devoted to enhancing community economic development in Pinawa.

For Pinawa to become a growing, prosperous, vibrant, and sustainable community.

To promote the LGD of Pinawa, and lead the growth of business, community development, and enhancement of quality of life.  We work through cooperative efforts with other groups.

The Pinawa CDC is working to achieve four major goals:

  • To have a comprehensive marketing plan to support the mission of Pinawa CDC.
  • For Pinawa CDC to have a high profile in the community.
  • To realize the achievement of a minimum of one major economic development project over the next five years.
  • To be a sustainable and continuously improving organization.

Published by Michael G. King

A passionate lifelong learner, Michael loves finding elegant ways to blend science, art, and nature.

2 thoughts on “Speaking Tonight at Pinawa Community Development Corporation AGM

  1. Thank you Micheal for letting us know about the Pinawa CDC. It was very informative and we appreciate being able to hear about plans for our community and getting to know the people that dedicate themselves to improving our community. People such as yourself. We must say we thoroughly enjoyed your presentation! We had to leave just as the election part began because my step mom was calling with a concern and I needed to speak with her. Otherwise we would have remained.

    Thank you again! And thank you for your hard work and dedication.

    Elaine and Brian

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    1. Thank you for coming! I’m happy you enjoyed the presentation on Sustainable Tourism. The project is in the final stages and I look forward to share it with the community soon! Take care.


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