Healthy Seniors

Seniors are an important part of the Pinawa community. They volunteer for projects, participate in community events, and support local businesses. Retirees require products and services, and when they shop locally, this can stimulate and sustain an economy. Ensuring that people can maintain a healthy and happy lifestyle will not only have a direct benefit to their health and wellbeing, but it will make Pinawa a more attractive place for retirees to settle down for their post working lives, growing our population and building demand for new housing (Jobs!) (Revenue!)

Did you know that Canadian snowbirds inject 6.5 billion dollars into Florida’s economy every year?

Safe Shared Streets

Walking for wellness. Communities that are walkable are healthier than those that are car dependant. Going for a walk gets you in the sun for vitamin-D, promotes muscle maintenence and cardiovascular health. Being in nature has an impact on our mental state, and seeing others is an opportunity to socialise and connect with the community. A town that has a high walkability rating makes it easier for people to choose walking for their day to day errands. The original town plan includes multiple pathways to get people from the residential areas to the town centre (very forward thinking by the original planners) but these are currently underdeveloped. Choosing to more often walk to the Solo for groceries rather than drive is a simple lifestyle habit that will benefit anyone. For seniors, being able to incorporate a more active lifestyle is probably the most important and impactful thing one could do to improve their quality of life. How do we acheive this?

  • Increase the amount of benches so people can rest while out for a walk.
  • Improve the public paths and walkways so that people can use these as viable ways of getting from place to place, as was their intention in the original town plan!
  • Innovate traffic calming strategies such as crosswalks and lower speed limits to improve safety of seniors and everyone on shared roadways.
  • Help people to choose products to assist them in carrying groceries, such as those little pull carts or bike baskets and panniers
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Recreation for Retirees

The Pandemic has been stressful on everybody, especially seniors. Since they are at the highest risk for Covid-19, many of these folks have been quite isolated. This takes a toll physically, mentally, and emotionally. This period will eventually pass, and as we move into a post-covid world, restoring recreation activities will be very important for everybody. We must establish a recreation department (since parting ways with Winnipeg River Rec) and work with other organizations, endeavouring to host a wide variety of activities for all ages, such as:

  • Social Lawn bowling and Horseshoes area in the park.
  • Indoor and Outdoor Pickleball.
  • Dance Night!
  • Yoga and Medidation for physical and mental health.
  • Programs to encourage gardening as a hobby with programs such as Raised Bed Planting Boxes, Accessible community gardens, seed sharing. Gardening has many benefits for wellness! There was an enormous uptick in interest in Gardening in 2020.

Retirement is the time to enjoy the fruits of one’s labours. Whether one has a million dollar pension or a modest retirement income, we should ensure that there is always access to free or low cost activities for everyone to enjoy. After a year of mostly staying within our own homes, I believe that people have a newfound appreciation for the importance of social activities for keeping us in a good space physically, mentally, and emotionally. Let’s make sure that Pinawa is innovative in its approach to being an Age Friendly community.

What sort of activities would you like to see in Pinawa that would get you out and moving?

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A passionate lifelong learner, Michael loves finding elegant ways to blend science, art, and nature.

4 thoughts on “Healthy Seniors

  1. With all the tourists coming to town and the increased traffic seniors would not be able to walk the trails. No o e can because they are packed and so is the shoreline. I love your ideas but with the way tho ga are going pinawa and it’s beautiful eco system is going to be ruined soon. They are already cutting down trees so the tourists can park. I’m so disheartened and will be moving in a few years. It’s breaking my heart.


    1. Hi Jacquelyn,
      I have heard from many people who are concerned with visitors impacting their use of public areas. Please know that I share these concerns. If you check out my other posts I have written about Protecting our Greenspaces, and Sustainable Tourism. Those articles should give you some insight into how these issues can be addressed. You’re right, if things keep going the way they are there will be a deterioration to the ecological landscape, that is why I need your support. Protecting the land, and protecting public access, are my core values. It is possible to have tourism AND protect the ecological landscape and integrity of a place, there are many examples of places that have acheived this and can handle a way higher volume of tourists than what we have, and still have positive outcomes for the citizens. Please reach out to me on my contact page if you would like to talk more, and thanks for your support. Take care!


  2. I like your lead in recognizing that seniors play a vital role within communities. Pinawa is definitely showing favourable signs of striking that balance of attracting young and young at heart.

    Still room for improvement, most notably with incentives to attract individuals/corporations to construct commercial buildings. The lack of leased premises in a central location is a major roadblock for those with an entrepreneurial spirit, denying them the ability and opportunity to start and build successful businesses, in turn, expanding services benefitting all.

    Seniors (in particular, the boomers) are the largest demographic with disposable income. It’s impractical for communities to count on young people alone to act as economic drivers. Any healthy, thriving community needs diverse demographics as they all contribute in different ways; none less so than the other.

    I really like your forum Michael, where everyone has opportunity to be informed about your platform. Hoping this is the catalyst for other politicians on a going forward basis. Very refreshing and innovative.


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