Ski the Manitoba Loppet in Pinawa February 5th

We’re lucky in Pinawa to have some of the best cross country ski trails in the Province. The Whiteshell Cross Country Ski Club’s dedicated group of volunteers makes this possible. Personally, one of the most attractive things about Pinawa is to have these amazing trails in our own back yard. 

The Manitoba Loppet is a celebration of Pinawa skiing that will be held on Sunday February 5th at the Pinawa Golf and Country Club! For the uninitiated, a Loppet is a big ski race that is open to all, not just top racers.

The 6 km event is the open event in that it is open to all age groups with the intent of letting family members ski together. For example, parents can ski with their kids.

The Loppet is both a competitive event for those keen Racers, as well as being a fun social event for people to get a chance to ski in a group setting. I am a firm believer in participation for the fun of it.

Peter, Whiteshell Cross Country Ski Club

There are four different distance levels: The 3k and 6k mini Loppets, for those looking for a more casual ski. For a bigger challenge there are the 15k and 30k events! Don’t let fear hold you back, there is a distance that is right for you. It will be a fun experience!

The long range forecast is showing that this cold snap should be breaking by the weekend. Fingers crossed.

Pinawa is an active outdoor community, and we don’t stop just because it’s Winter! It would be a great showing for Pinawa if we had big participation from our own town. I will be skiing with some friends and family, then going to the Pinawa Club for a well deserved beverage! I hope to you there!

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