Proud to be a Lion

Pinawa Drive-in Movie Night

The King Clan hails from Springfield, Manitoba. The Kings have always been involved in the Dugald Community Club, which included being the host community of the Springfield Canada Day celebration. There was, and is, always something going on at the Dugald Community Club. As a kid I attended Day Camps there, Santa Breakfasts, Teen Dances, Bingo, and even a live Professional Wrestling event! Setting up tables and chairs with my Aunties before and after events was a normal part of life.

Inspired by this benevolance, my wife Erin, and I joined the Pinawa Lion’s Club. We wanted help with more volunteer projects in our community. I was attracted to Lions International because of their extensive network and developed global resources. Lions International has been around for more than 100 years and contributes to meaningful campaigns. The Pinawa Lions Club has been active in the community since 1964! But what does the Pinawa Lions Club do today and why is it important?

We serve where we live. We are ready whenever and however our communities need us.

We do it ourselves. We do whatever is necessary to help our local communities and our global community. Whether that means raising money or rolling up our sleeves, we do whatever it takes and we do it all on our time.

The Pinawa Lions Club is proudly supporting Children’s Soccer, and investing in a significant upgrade to the Burrows Park Playground in Pinawa this Summer, 2022. Other Lions projects include the Pinawa Garage Sale Day and Pinawa Birthday Weekend festivities. Pinawa Lions support many other worthy causes and are looking for new opportunities!

We’re open. We are generous men and women who want to help. And we’re always looking for more caring people who want to make a difference with us.

The long serving Lions have an abundance of experience in fundraising, grants, and organizing. We want to share that knowledge with you, the next generation of Lions.

We are in good company. We have fun in our clubs. We treat new members like old friends, and we know that there’s a special bond that unites Lions around the world.

Volunteering is more fun when you are with friends, so invite some of your friends to come with you! Our local Lions Club also has affiliations with other Clubs so the opportunity for networking is immense!

The Lions are looking for new people and new ideas.

If you are retired or semi-retired, please join us and help build a more vibrant community where we have fun and take care of one another.

If you are a busy family, you can join with your partner and take turns and share in the work.

If you are a young person or working professional, joining the Lions will give you valuable leadership and organizing skills as well as help you build a network of engaged global citizens.

You possess skills and qualities that could be put to use in service of others. Please, bring your energy and your talents here! We all lead busy lives, but I believe that with Lions, you will find that participation rejuvinates and energizes a different part of your being. I, for one, cannot wait to bring my children to the new Lions playground at Burrows Park, and see all the other kids joyfully playing there. To be a part of bringing this positive energy to the world is invigorating. By coming together, under a common banner, we will be stronger and more effective than we would ever be alone.

I hope that you will consider joining the Lions! In this day and age, we need to strengthen our community bonds and fight the isolation that has developed in us. It is very satisfying being a Lion, and when you get to see people coming to your events with a smile on their face, you will know exactly what I mean. Being a Lion has opened doors for me and introduced me to many great people. Contributing to the community gives me a wonderful sense of peace. Let’s join together with purpose and together we will build a more prosperous, more resilient, and healthier community for all.

On the frontlines of service.

Today and every day.

The next Lions Club meeting is Wednesday, 7:00 at the W.B. Lewis Centre Boardroom (First and third Wednesdays of the month). Send me a message for more information! I hope to see you there!

Lion Michael

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A passionate lifelong learner, Michael loves finding elegant ways to blend science, art, and nature.

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