The Great Blizzard of 2022

We had been hearing about it for days. All the talk at work was about the incoming storm coming up from the States. A massive Colorado Low that would likely dump the largest single amount of snow in decades. Environment Canada warned of road closures and power outages. People were stocking up on food at the Solo Market, preparing to hunker down and shelter in place. The kids at school packed up their things and took their homework, certain that they wouldn’t be seeing the inside of a classroom for a week.

After the first day that left a foot of heavy snow, things let up and the Sun came out. Was it over? I texted my friend “That wasn’t so bad. Not even the worst one this year! Do you think we’ll have school tomorrow?” In hindsight, that may have been a bit premature.

Two more days of near continuous snow.

We recently had our public hearing on the budget, and to the surprise of no-one, in a record setting Winter, we have been spending more on snow clearing. A massive blizzard in mid April was not going to help our bottom line. Of course, this is a concern for taxpayers.

Our Public Works Manager, Mr. Rob Cordon, assured Council that the team had a plan and was ready to keep the town open and safe, still get the workers home by the end of the day on Thursday. This would be no easy task. But, with a lot of hard work, the men and women on our Public Works Team got the job done, safely, effectively and, on time; delivering great service to the citizens of Pinawa. Bravo to the Public Works Crew!

I reached out to our Emergency Measures Officer, Mr. Craig Oversby, to find out how our Emergency Measures Office was prepared for the incoming storm. The EMO explained that he was in regular and consistent communication with his team as well as Public Works. A message had been sent to citizens through Pinawa Connect. The emergency generators had been tested and were filled up with fuel, and that resources were ready to deploy immediately if necessary. Plans and people are in place to activate as a line of defence to keep the people safe if and when things go sideways. Good Job to the Emergency Measures Office!

Clearing driveways was a chore with such heavy wet snow and the big ridge left by the plow, even for a robust man like myself! It would be very difficult for some elderly residents to deal with. Operation Dig Out, as I called it, allowed me to get my work out in, and also provided a chance to chat with my neighbours on Cameron Road. Despite the weather there were lots of smiles all around. There were many messages of gratitude online of neighbours thanking their neighbours for helping to shovel or snowblow. Some enterprising kids took advantage white gold to earn some pocket money. I went for a walk last night and it looked like most of the houses were clear. Warms the heart! Pat on the back and job well done to the people who checked up on their neighbours to make sure everyone is okay. Great display of community!

Today, the storm has passed and the sun is shining.

Enjoy the holiday weekend, everyone.


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