June Highlights

Thank you to the many citizens who answered my request for letters about the Natural Environment. These letters contained thoughtful insights into the feelings of the community regarding this important asset. I am pleased to write that we are making good progress in promoting the Environment as one of the core pillars of our Economy. On the municipal side, council is working on finalizing the Pinawa Sustainability Strategy. This strategic planning document covers a wide range of government processes and procedures and adds a layer of modern sustainable practice. This is something you will hear me speaking and writing about often!

I am proud of the steps council has taken to improve pedestrian and traffic safety in some key areas of town, which will be implemented soon. Please remember that safety is everyone’s responsibility. There are a lot of bikes and pedestrians on the road so, if you choose to drive, please slow down and be extra cognizant of sharing the roadway.

Provincial Health Restrictions eased a bit this weekend allowing small outdoor gatherings. If you are planning to have a bonfire, remember to be fire-smart: use an appropriate fire pit, have water available, and be aware of the wind. With the recent rains we’ve had it’s easy to forget that it wasn’t long ago we had some out of control fires not far from our community.

Speaking of which, some residents received an alert to their cell phones when there was a smoke warning issued because of that fire. If you haven’t done so yet, you can register for Pinawa Connect. It is a tool that the LGD can use if/when we need to disseminate important information quickly.

In non-government news, I was able to repair my sailboat, the Rocinante, which was damaged last season in a collision with an underwater rock while under full sail. She’s all fixed up now and you can see her in the Marina, and hopefully sailing often around Pinawa! Our front yard garden has survived the onslaught of deer and is starting to thrive! Erin has been working on developing a list of plants that deer don’t eat and we are experimenting with that. I’ll post the results of that sometime in the Summer. Cameron and Emma are enjoying the final days of school, riding their bikes, and going to the beach. Pinawa Life!

You can read the council highlights of the June 8th meeting here. The official minutes, as always, are posted on Pinawa.com. Should you have any questions or concerns about your town, please contact the LGD office at 753-5100, or reach out to any member of council.

Be well,


Published by Michael G. King

A passionate lifelong learner, Michael loves finding elegant ways to blend science, art, and nature.

2 thoughts on “June Highlights

  1. Hi Michael, Not to take Erin’s fun away but here is a list that I did based on the public garden I had out front on the cul de sac also plantings at the hospital that were outside but since removed and a courtyard garden was done by Pinawa in Bloom. There is also a list on CWF in an article I did.

    It would be great for her to add or take away as she sees fit. I have poppies down but they are iffy sometimes as I have one poppy that they have browsed but the other one is safe so go figure :). At one time daylilies were good but the deer got a taste for them so they had to come off the list.

    The Green Oaks Garden Centre contacted me many years ago and they based their deer proof plants on my list.

    Yours truly, Nancy Bremner 204-753-8461 Box 331 Pinawa, MB R0E 1L0


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