Thank you Pinawa!

Being elected to be your representative in the Pinawa Council is an honour. I am so very humbled by your support, and I cherish the trust that you have placed in me. Thank you for your confidence. For those of you who did not vote for me, I promise to represent you also to the best of my ability. I am very excited for the possibilities that our combined efforts can achieve in our community. I promise to lead with humility, compassion, wisdom, and a deep respect for the Office that you have entrusted me.

Thank you to the Elections officers who spent the whole day managing the polls. You play an integral roll in our democracy and we thank you for your hard work and professionalism.

To Mr. Nolette and Mrs. Campbell, I congratulate you both on your campaigns. Your community thanks you for participating in the democratic process, and Pinawa is better for it.

Thank you to all the volunteers who have pitched in and helped me in this campaign. I am so lucky to have such amazing friends in my life. You’re the best!

Finally, a special thank you to my family. To my wonderful wife Erin, we came to this town together not sure what we were getting ourselves into. Together we have have made this our home. Thank you for your unwavering support during this new endeavour. To my beautiful children, Cameron and Emma, I do this for you. You are my greatest strength. I do this work with the intention and hope for building a better future for you. I love you more than anything.

Thank you Pinawa for your trust. I am excited to bring people together. Children, young people, families, seniors, from the original builders to the newcomers, we are all Pinawanians. Leadership means listening, so I thank you for expressing to me your concerns, your hopes, and your dreams for this community. I am ready to work for you all, and I hope to make you proud.

Together, we will continue the work to realize the all of the potential of our amazing community.


Michael King

Published by Michael G. King

A passionate lifelong learner, Michael loves finding elegant ways to blend science, art, and nature.

4 thoughts on “Elected!

  1. Good evening Michael, and more accurately Great Evening! We are delighted you will be “The New Voice at the Table”. Your insight, hard work and dedication are amazing. Your vision for Pinawa is grounded in the realities of the tourist appeal we have to offer, but more importantly you are looking outside the box for other more attractive, eco minded, scientific and wholesome opportunities for us in the present and the future. We wish you and your family all the best. Cheers, Michael Bigelow


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