Dear Pinawa

Running for elected office for the first time has been an amazing experience. I have grown so much as a person in the past two months. There have been many challenges, from the first “difficult” email and Bill 64 to campaigning during a global pandemic. I have made many new friends and learned so much. I have talked to municipal and provincial officials and business people. I have not backed down from anything that has been thrown at me and I don’t intend to. Running against quality opponents has made me work even harder, and I am a better leader as a result. The words of support I have received from others is truly an amazing feeling. I am honoured by the trust that people in this community have already placed in me by pledging their vote, and will never forget it during my work as your hopeful representative. Allow me to share some of my experiences, as well as some of the words of others who support this campaign.

Day one of the campaign period February 26 I showed up to the LGD office first thing in the morning with my completed nomination form and my twenty-five signatures. They told me that I was too early and to come back at the end of March! Since the beginning I have been working hard on this campaign every day reading, writing, calling, going door to door, going to meetings, and writing proposals. I want to be a strong representative of our community and do what I can to make things better. My wife Erin has been my rock during this long and challenging process. She is a great contributor to Pinawa in her own right through her volunteerism and inspires me to do more!

This is our guy—has my vote for sure. It would be great to have another younger, family guy who is passionate about the community like Mike represent us on the Town Council.

Adam C.

I’ve enjoyed very much being able to write about the issues that concern our community and my vision for Pinawa. These strange days when we are spending so much of our time at home, I knew that writing would be an important way to share ideas in the digital space. I enjoy reading, and usually have one fiction and one non-fiction book on the go. Creative writing is one of my many passions. Telling stories is such an important part of the human experience. It’s amazing to think that there are people who are inspired by my ideas enough to go out and vote for me to be their representative, having gotten to know me just through my writing.

“Michael King is hardworking, intelligent, and has a fresh eye on the issues that will become increasingly important to all citizens of Pinawa. A vote for Mike is a vote for the future, and I support his run for town council.”

Andrew Davidson, author of The Gargoyle

During this campaign it has been my mission to engage with the citizens of Pinawa as much as possible. You have probably seen me walking around town for weeks sharing my message of positive progress. I’ve had so many conversations with the people in our community and that has made me a better representative. My intention in this election is to be the type of politician that I would want to represent me. You have told me about your concerns, and I have been listening. In some cases, I’ve already begun taking action. Getting out and meeting my constituents is part of my philosophy and I will continue to do this going forward. This site will remain a vehicle for transparency and communication into my service as your elected representative.

Hi Michael,

Thanks for stopping by my house today and taking the time to talk to me in person about Pinawa and this week’s election.

I cast my advance vote for you today!

Please pass on a hello and thanks to Erin and your kids too. Olin and I really liked attending the Grassroots early childhood programs the last few years, and have missed them during the last year of Covid. Thanks for all you guys do for our community.

Good luck with the rest of the election!

Dawn Huisman

Erin and I took a chance on Pinawa in the middle of January 2014. We spent the first few days living in our pretty much empty house on Cameron Road and just exploring the trails and woods of our area. We actually went to the club for all our meals for a couple days because the moving truck wasn’t coming until the end of the week and we had no utensils to cook! We met some great people in those first few days who welcomed us into the community and we are still friends with them today! Pinawa is a special place and I am proud to call myself a Pinawanian!

Vote for Michael King!

I have known Michael since he moved to Pinawa 7 years ago. Michael has the integrity and commitment that Pinawa deserves.

…not to mention an education in public politics and a keen interest and vision for the economic, environmental and social sustainability of the town.

Vote King on May 5th!

Leslie Wilson, Environmental Specialist, Curling Champion

My platform is based around environmental protection and promoting the wellness of people. Pinawa is already a special place, and I don’t want to lose that. In talking to citizens around town, from all walks of life, young people, new families, seniors, we all recognize the potential of Pinawa. I believe that this potential can be realized only with the engagement of all of us. The amount of positivity and goodwill I am seeing around this campaign energizes me. It is exciting that my message of prosperity, sustainability, and wellness is catching on. It’s been a hard year, and people are ready to pitch in and use their talents to make Pinawa a better place. We can do something great in this election. It starts on May 5th by voting for a New Voice for Pinawa.

I invite you to join me in voting for Michael King for Town Councillor. Michael has the vision and passion that our community needs to lead Pinawa in planning for climate change adaptations that are community-based and locally-designed. He brings a kind heart and creative mind to the challenge of political leadership.  

Irene Friesen Wolfstone, MA University of Alberta

Thank you to everyone who has pledged their vote already, your support means so much to me. To those of you who are still not sure, I encourage you to look at the rest of my platform. This election is a job interview for who is best suited to work in the council chamber for our community. What you see in my writing, in my education, in my experience, and in my effort should leave you no doubt about my commitment to be your representative, and that I intend to represent everyone with kindness, intelligence, dedication, and wisdom.

I ask you to join me today, in voting for a New Voice for Pinawa.

Thank you for your trust and support. Be well.

Michael King

5 thoughts on “Dear Pinawa

  1. I have looked forward to every edition of your blog, and read your thorough and thoughtful responses to questions and comments from the community. I certainly hope that should you not achieve your goal during this election, that you will come forward again for the general election in 2022.
    All the best to you and your beautiful family, and thanks for stepping up. You’ve made a difference just by sharing your ideas and your commitment.


  2. Lovely post, and impressive campaign. Voted for you on the weekend. Hope all goes well for you tomorrow. Susan Barnett


  3. Good luck Michael. You have run a great campaign and put in an enormous effort. You are passionate about your community. We wish you the best of luck.


  4. Mike: Even if you are unsuccessful in the current by-election, I hope you will consider running again in next year’s scheduled municipal election. It’s high time we had new blood in our Council and you seem to be someone who ticks all the boxes for us.


  5. Thank you for stopping by our house. Enjoyed speaking with you and liked what we heard. Hoping for your success on May 5. You have put a lot of effort into your campaign.


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